Serdar Toka graduated from Faculty of Painting Education Department of Gazi University in 1998, received a master’s degree and PHD in Art in Painting Department of Hacettepe University in 2001 and in 2008, respectively. He has been working as an instructor at Faculty of Architecture of Mardin Artuklu University currently.

He held 4 solo exhibitions, participated in variety of events such as group exhibitions, seminars, workshops and his articles was published several magazines and had various published studies so far.

According to Serdarî, who has been investigating feasibility of “Nakkaşlık” (an ornament art of Ottoman Empire) today, miniature is conducive to writing a visual history/description of an event by means of its capacity to exceed the violent pornography.

The perception of reality in miniature can be compared to Ulus Baker's statement about video: "We know that it is real that we see in the video". It contains possibility of depicting invisible as well as visible.

Is it art? This is beyond doubt. Is it traditional? Traditionalism and art does not stand side by side.

Serdarî aims to continue making miniature painting today without ignoring image accumulation of modern time by transmitting this accumulation into it and create original form and values within potentials of miniature. He find meaningful to deal with miniature painting in terms of the point where the art came today.

He tends to portray social events in recent history and present with these views.